Imagination & Hiraeth: Wales 2018 Travelogue Revisited/Remastered

Hello to all my readers, including old & new friends from Wales– if you’re reading this, I miss you/can’t wait to meet you!

In 2018 I published 10 Day in Wales, a travelogue-style comic that documented my first trip to Wales for a ten-day summer writing program called the Dylan Thomas Summer School. I wrote ten chapters, one for each day I was there. Four years later, I decided to redo a section of the comic in anticipation of my third trip to Wales this summer for the same program. I wanted to see how my artistic skills had developed. I slightly adjusted the text too, though I had to be careful not to make too many changes and risk loosing the bright-eyed, “first-timers” perspective that the original piece embodies. To read the original piece, click here. Enjoy this “remastered/revisited” version of the comic, specifically a re-write of chapters 3 and 4, which I felt represented the entire experience best. I’ve titled the new piece Imagination & Hiraeth… read on to find out why.

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