I work with everyday materials and found objects to create excessive, accumulative, and repetitive installations. My process is inspired and dictated by the unique tactile possibilities and limitations of my materials. Through manipulation, deconstruction/destruction, and reconfiguration, I complicate simple forms, by replicating a pattern until it becomes obsessive. 

In my most recent work, Incrementum absurdus, organic structures and biological processes became the lens through which I explored repetition of shapes in space. The natural world is an accumulation of simple patterns, differentiated by size, color, texture, and shape: fish scales, beehives, grass stalks, sponge pores, cactus thorns,  leaf veins, holes, tubes, and tunnels, clutches of eggs, architectural insect shells, camouflaging skin, fibonacci sequences, the vibrant, frenetic bloom of pansies, birds of paradise, and bougainvillea. I developed a process for creating small, soft sacks through the motion of pouching fabric around two fingers and synching with a rubber band. Repeating this motion thousands of times became my manufactured system for growing abstract creature sculptures in a process parallel to natural systems of  growth. 

I view my work in the context of installation art and public art intervention, as well as performance art. In my sculptural work, the performance of physical labor is implied through the repetition of small handmade structures that have been assembled into a larger whole. A story of the intimacy of touch lingers on every piece of material that I manipulate by hand.