Smith College Solo Senior Art Show, December 2021:

The Object Project

(Official project website coming soon)

One room, 100+ boxes filled with thousands of items. Your task? Pick a box, dig through it, dump it out. Pick one, only one, object to keep. In exchange, leave a note telling a story about which object you chose and why.

Objects carry stories imbedded in the cracks, scratches, dents, and smudges. They have lived lives we can never know. They have futures. They connect us through story and memory. Objects, so frivolous, consumerist, and even useless carry the stories of our lives.

All boxes and items were donated. Each box holds contents from one person or group of people. Each box tells a story. When you take an object from a box, you become part of that story. Photos of every box, and every object (from every angle) will be archived on a website for all to see.

Stay tuned…

Smith College Senior Exhibition Spring 2021:

Incrementum absurdus

Pete, fabric on chicken wire
Moss, fabric, rubber bands
Chrysalis and Bottle Snake, fabric and cotton on chicken wire, plastic water bottles
Chrysalis, paper on chicken wire
Great Barrier, styrofoam on chicken wire
Chair, one wooden chair, linen, three 7′ x 6′ panels, 2019
Pleasure, 1,000 water balloons, dimensions vary, 2018

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